&OtherStories haul

Friday, 22 May 2015
I've been in London for the past two days and after ordering some things online from Otherstories plus picking up something in store, a 'haul' post seemed appropriate. I love the the actual store, it physically represents the brands style/class really well. Hats off to the interior designer and merchandiser..
I would happily smother myself in all of the &Otherstories body moisturisers, the scents are so gorgeous. I love the mediterranean ones because a) they were on sale b) I feel like I spent so much of my childhood in the mediterranean and its just like that holiday scent that you only get when you're in a villa in Balearic islands fresh out of the pool surrounded by flowers in the heat. They're described as 'a scent of sweet rhubarb that melts into a jasminey-mimosa and rounds off with a woody base' if you want to get technical though.. I got a jumper and dress too because my wardrobe definitely could do with some more black (jk).
London photo diary coming up next!

Simpsons exhibition

Wednesday, 13 May 2015
Earlier in April I visited the 'No Homers club' exhibition at Constellations (in the Baltic triangle, Liverpool) and I thought I'd just share the photos because It was legit so cool. For someone who grew up watching The Simpsons every night, seeing how little bits of the show can inspire different mediums of art was kinda awesome. 
(Coat/jeans; Topshop, Bag; vintage)
I can't quite believe first year is nearly over.. and it's even more strange to think that if I didn't take a gap year I would be beginning my final year of university this September. I feel so at home in Liverpool too, it's weird that after university I'll probably only visit now and then. I also feel particularly lucky these days now that the sun is out and I go to new places all the time because so many people across the world will never get the opportunity to live away from home and get a university education. It's definitely a privilege that I too quickly forget when I conveniently miss all my lectures and tutorials...


Saturday, 9 May 2015

I love seeing on Pinterest and Tumblr inventive uses of rocks/minerals/stones for the home. Sink? Coasters? Bath cube? Book ends? Framed? Maybe its the hippie in me thinking this stuff all looks really cool when in reality it wouldn't work logistically. Forget yesterdays election results, the important questions in life rn should be would the sink get limescale??!! (joke, obviously)

I just got a new blog design, too! Do you like it? I won a giveaway to get it done by The Blog Store. It's a lot more swish than I'm used to, goodbye broken links and dodgy html... your cooler, older sister version is here to stay 

Lighter palette

Friday, 24 April 2015
Monki cathy denim jacket, All Saints aures dress, Motel swing dressWildfox glasses, Crop top w/ fluted sleeve, Atterley Road brogues, Mango leather jacket, Topshop raw edge sweatshirt, Bella Freud Ginsberg is God, ASOS denim dress
Texture and interesting shapes over colour any day..
I wrote an essay on an Allen Ginsberg poem the other day and didn't even make the connection between him and Bella Freud designs, but now I think it'd would be cool to try the perfume. I tend to dress quite boyish and probably wear a dress like once a year, but I'm also trying to not completely outlaw them, and I kinda like the three above. Trust my favourite to be All Saints though..

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