Monday, 2 March 2015

Three spring Polyvore looks with high street alternatives

The only annoying thing about polyvore is that almost every item is sold out, from many many seasons ago or designer. I’ve tried this time to include the originals (if available) or some cheaper alternatives in ‘shop the style’ widgets underneath. Click through to see the original sources of the items too, and follow me on polyvore while you’re there! I need to be a bit braver with my dressing. It’s so easy to get stuck in a funk of black jeans/loafers/jumper combo that I wear everyday but it’s not exactly like I’m doing anything interesting most of the time. It’s not very fun when I switch it up and suddenly theres a abundance of comments like ‘why are you so dressed up?’. SURELY it’s nicer to make an effort than to look like a slob?

Saturday, 21 February 2015

University room snapshots

The majority of my uni halls room is pretty grim so I've just shared three pictures which make it look quite nice. I have two sets of fairy lights too so it gets pretty cute when its dark outside.
Some details.. 
1st pic) I got my cork board from Ikea and the pictures are a selection of disposables/polaroid pictures, which I ordered from the app Printic (use my code 'CFBF16' to get £4 off your own!). The New York poster is from the shop Utility in Liverpool, the hand is from Urban Outfitters and the E mug is a present from a friend from Anthropologie.

2nd pic) The world map is also from Utility.

3rd pic) I got the string of stars from Tiger I think, the blanket is from Matalan ages ago, the duvet covers are from Ikea and the cushion cover is one I got from an indian market in Malaysia.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Is it spring yet? Moodboard

I was over winter as soon as November hit but unfortunately thats not how the seasons work and its only just started to be a smidge more warm and the skies a little bluer. I even saw from a bus window some flowers growing (through the rain) but FLOWERS people.

A conversation with a friend last night made me think about how different my 2015 could of been if I went to a different university. Before my gap year, I got accepted into Fashion Journalism at LCF and also Journalism at City.  Sometimes I don't know whether I made the right choice because I genuinely have a ~passion~ for fashion (literally, I wanna die writing that. how cringey) and I miss London huge amounts. I love Liverpool and English, which is what I'm doing now, but I have a horribly irritating habit of romanticising 'what could of been' and nostalgia basically ruins my life.

In turn I think I've pushed away this blog not only because of choosing to not study fashion but because of the influx of professional bloggers and youtube stars and sponsored weirdness. I felt completely alienated from the blogging world which was much more casual a couple of years ago (this is not an insult or negative tone or shame on anyone btw, go bloggers!). But I completely lost an outlet to write about fashion and document cool places or cute clothes because of my self-imposed detachment. This coupled with the London/fashion uni sadness led to a sort of divorce with that ~passion for fashion~.

Fear not readers though (if anyone is still reading) I really want to make my blog back how it was kind of in the spring of 11' because I would genuinely come home from school and want to blog every night and take pictures all weekend and obsess over it. I have a lot of free time that I don't use constructively and seeing as NO-ONE IN LIVERPOOL will give me a job, I might as well fall back in love with my blog. So, this spring-cool chicks-tumblr-vision/moodboard is kind of a homage to that.