Thursday, 11 September 2014

A massive high street AW14 wishlist

I've made the mother of all wish lists as September is probably the month above all where I spend the most. New season clothes, student discounts everywhere, the weather changing, you name the excuse- I'M BUYIN'!


shop the post:

shop the post:


shop the post: (apart from triangle earrings and semi precious necklace

shop the post:

Wednesday, 3 September 2014


Bag: Vintage, Top: Acne, Coat, Jeans: Topshop
Making the last of the summer so went for Franco Manca then Kaff with two friends. I got back from Reading recently which was SO awesome, we volunteered so got a free ticket and just had so much fun. Now I'm just preparing for uni and thinking what an amazing gap year I've had.. I was thinking of maybe doing an advice post on taking a gap year, touching on work, travel, dealing with friends at uni, indecision etc if anyone would be interested?

Friday, 15 August 2014

AW14 Moodboard

AW14 Moodboard... aka a LOT of black clothing and leather. If you're thinking 'umm excuse me its still August', well yes, you'd be correct but if I have to wear a jumper/jeans combo every time I go out with an umbrella permanently fixed to my hand then I'm allowed to make a winter clothing mood board. Majority of these images have just been selected from my tumblr so sorry about the lack of sources.
PS. I had to include Matty because I'm seeing him again next week and I'm so in love with the entire album and him