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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

I’ve come to the conclusion September is my favourite month of the year. I used to think it was April, but as it turns out, I don't really like my birthday at all so that puts a dampener on the whole thing. But, September! The turnover in the season! New fashion! Leaves be a fallin! The mildness of summer but coziness of winter! Yeah, I like September a lot.

I'm going to be blogging every other day I think, so wanted to kick it off with one of my favourite posts to do and share some inspiration for this month..

Photo diary

Monday, 24 August 2015
1. 6am
2. neom bath oil
3. park life
4. healthy/protein raspberry pancakes (obsessed)
5. my new olympus camera !!
6. beautiful summer bouquet from Blossoming Gifts

The Olympus epl7 is dubbed the 'blogger' camera because of the flip out screen and wifi connection. I'm really liking it so far but will be full testing it later this week in order to get ready for September, where I will be posting every other day on this blog! yay

This summer bouquet has also been scenting my room beautifully on these last warm days before the shift in season. If you would like 33% off a flower delivery, the code for readers is BGIFTS33 (the only bouquets exempt from the discount is the 'Flowers By Post' range). They are a new company with fairly cheap flowers so have a look if you are wanting to treat someone/yourself. 

..In other news I've got back into Pinterest so much! If anyone reading has one, please link it below so I can check it out, heres mine.

Three cream jumper looks

Friday, 21 August 2015

a neutral classic

Shop the post: 

Filming with Microsoft Surface #DoAnything

Thursday, 13 August 2015
Last week, I had a really fun day of filming with Microsoft for their new Surface campaign. I was there from 9am but didn't start filming till later that afternoon so was cool to just watch the beginning scenes and how many takes is required. We were filming at The Lexington in Angel so the bottom floor of the venue was filled with extras, wardrobe, makeup, management and the whole film crew and set. 
 My official title was 'social media manager' and in the narrative of the advert, I'm basically the woman who is flicking through the pictures I have just taken of the band playing. You might recognise some of the other faces in there too, Jim Chapman, Doug Armstrong etc

 You can see me at 2.01. Would love for you guys to watch and let me know what you think.
This post is in collaboration with Microsoft.

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