Saturday, 11 April 2015

Washing machine drum -> lamp DIY

The DIY tag on my blog hasn't been used in four years *dust bowl* but today I'm coming at ya with a post where I made something actually half decent.
A couple of weeks ago I visited the Battersea Old School Club for an upcycling event with Currys and a handful of other bloggers. It's a really cool space where we could transform a gross, old, washing machine drum into something once again useful. I choose to make a lamp, and with the help of the lovely team that work there, whacked out the paint and the drill.
I like to think that my creativity is there but the physicality of a DIY is lost on me, so I admit, the paint job isn't the best and it's slightly wonky (who knows why?)... but I think it looks nice in my room. I chose to go all white with a copper rim to synchronise with the rest of my decor and it looks so nice when the lamp is on and the light peeks through all the little holes.
 Big thank you to Joes Bloggers, Currys and The Old School Club for inspiring me to get my DIY on once again! check out their blog post on the event here 

Monday, 30 March 2015

Chocolate masterclass

I headed to Manchester last week for a chocolate masterclass at the Copthorne Hotel, in honour of the tenth anniversary of Tim Burtons wonderful adaptation of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I gave up chocolate for lent, but I'm not even religious, so took this invitation as a sign from the chocolate gods to give it up that evening. We learnt that chocolate was originally brought to Europe from South America by Columbus, who seized a ship. Not only did the ship have gold, but cacao beans. A couple of hundred years later chocolate had become massively popular and grew into a booming trade, leading to the start up of many companies that you'll be familiar with, like Nestle and Cadburys. 
We started with a little tasting session of the different types of chocolate, milk and dark obviously being the shining favourites. We then got to make giant chocolate slabs, decorate them and try out some marbling. Some of the group experimented with the melted bowl of DREAMS, like dark orange chocolate and apple & cinnamon milk chocolate. 

We then got started on making some ganache for the truffles, and also shaping chocolate fudge. I got to take home plenty of chocolate and made all my flatmates jealous ;-) Thank you to Joes bloggers and the Copthorne Hotel, and do check out their list of the best UK chocolate experiences [here]
Below are two snaps from the Selfridges in Manchester, I've been twice now and only have seen the main city strip, is there anyone from Manchester who knows the best kind of places to go? I'm so close when I'm at uni, I wanna make the most out of the cheap train tickets. Any areas which have independent shops/cool restaurants? Kind of like the equivalent of Bold Street for Liverpool? 

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Vintage and 70s inspired haul

Vintage shirt from Pop boutique, Topshop stripe tee 
Vintage backpack from Resurrection

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